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World’s First Autonomous Taxi on Roads

August 27, 2018

It is history in the making, the world’s first autonomous taxi will be operating in central Tokyo today, August 27, 2018. Although other autonomous taxis are on the roads, this is the first with paying customers. The vehicle, developed by Tokyo-based robot maker ZMP and…

Optimizing Resources

August 23, 2018

Resource management is the process by which businesses manage their various resources effectively. Those resources can be intangible (people and time) and tangible (equipment, materials, and finances). The right resource management plan can help eliminate common problems, such as a lack of visibility of who is doing…

Automotive Supplier Roundtable

August 20, 2018

As the automotive suppliers look to the remainder of the year and weigh their short-term outlook, they remain cautiously optimistic in their abilities to weather whatever uncertainty comes at them next, be it new tariffs, a redrafting of trade agreements, recalls, and so on. Automotive supplier resiliency…

Pack Up, Let’s Fly Away!

August 17, 2018

If you are flying to your vacation destination or accepting a package delivery, aviation touches all of our lives every day. Long before there were commercial jet airliners, Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation in 1939 which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to be National Aviation…

Lithium Supply and Demand

August 15, 2018

Environmental considerations and technological developments have propelled the energy storage industry, resulting in smaller carbon footprints, lower battery costs and increased Electric Vehicle (EV) car mileage. These developments have steered the industry towards newer lithium-ion batteries, and away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles and…

What Makes a Digital Car Digital?

August 13, 2018

Television has had a long fascination with the concept of intelligent automobiles. The 1965 to 1966 series “My Mother the Car” portrayed the travails of a hapless family man who discovers that his mother has been reincarnated as his wisecracking 1928 Porter automobile. In 2002,…

Diversity in Manufacturing is Improving

August 09, 2018

A recent reported released by the corporate finance firm, Livingstone, reveals that gender diversity is improving in the manufacturing industry. The report assessed 25 firms – all part of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index (FTSE100) – and their female board member representation. As of the…

Federal Regulators Handing Auto Industry More Trouble

August 06, 2018

The Trump administration’s proposed rollback of auto fuel economy and emissions standards looks, on the surface, like a welcome gift to the auto industry. It is more like federal regulators just handed the auto industry a great big box of chaos. The best outcome will be…

Hand and Power Tool Safety

August 03, 2018

According to the National Safety Council, accidental injury has become the No. 3 cause of death. Based on new injury statistics, an American is accidentally injured every second and killed every three minutes by a preventable event. Power and hand tool injuries are included in these stats….

Join Us in Celebration

August 01, 2018

Be proud to be a Professional Engineer. Today marks the third annual celebration of Professional Engineers. Sustained Quality Group celebrates licensure and the profession with Professional Engineers around the world. On August 8, 1907, the first professional engineering license was issued to Charles Bellamy in Wyoming….