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The True Story of Thanksgiving

November 21, 2018

In the words of Jay Mattern, CEO, Peoplelink Group, parent company of Sustained Quality Group: The story of the Pilgrims begins in the early part of the seventeenth century … The Church of England under King James I was persecuting anyone and everyone who did…

Benefits of Virtual Prototyping

November 19, 2018

Virtual reality is not as new as one may think. In 1935, Stanley Weinbaum released Pygmalion’s Spectacles – a science fiction story. The story’s main character wears a pair of goggles which transports him to a fictional world which stimulates his senses aptly and features…

Was 2008 Automotive Bailout Worth it?

November 15, 2018

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years. In late 2008, global financial markets were panicking, U.S. employers were laying off hundreds of thousands of workers every month and consumer spending and the stock market were plummeting. In the waning days of the…

Democrats May Control NAFTA’s Fate

November 12, 2018

November elections are finally complete and now the fate of President Donald Trump’s proposed replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement may rest in the hands of Democrats who won control of the U.S. House of Representatives last week. Reclaiming the House for the first…

Veterans Day 2018

November 09, 2018

Veterans Day should not to be confused with Memorial Day, the holiday set aside to pay tribute to those who died serving the military. Veterans Day pays respect to all that have served in the Armed Forces. Veterans Day occurs on November 11 every year…

A Practical Guide to Negotiating in the Workplace

November 07, 2018

Negotiations are critical for any group project, be it presenting an email campaign or a contract for new business. Your ability to negotiate influences your success and happiness on the job. It is a skill, involving practical insights and methodologies. The question is not whether…

How Transfer Pricing Can Help Automotive Industry Disruptions

November 05, 2018

Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers face major hurdles as the industry continues to transform under the weight of technological disruption, government protectionism policies from the United States, evolving government views on taxation (including transfer pricing) and new regulations. History indicates companies that…

Reminder: Time to Fall Back This Weekend

November 01, 2018

This weekend ends daylight saving time, the day we switch back the clocks and get that much-needed extra hour of sleep. The change will happen on Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2 a.m.

Quality is More Than Creating a Good Product

October 30, 2018

Quality has been defined as fitness for use, conformance to requirements, and the pursuit of excellence. Even though the concept of quality has existed for some time, the study and definition of quality have been given prominence only in the last century. 1920s: quality control….

Nationwide Electric Vehicle Public Charging Infrastructure Taking Form

October 25, 2018

After a slow start, sales of battery-electric vehicles are beginning to gain some serious momentum this year. Industry analysts are crediting the growing availability of longer-range and, in many cases, more affordable options. There is still the challenge of nationwide public charging stations that needs…