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Will OSHA Pay Attorney’s Fees For Fighting An Improper Citation?

June 18, 2019

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted an inspection of your facility. OSHA issues a serious citation to your company for a machine guarding violation, despite the fact the OSHA investigator did not actually observe a plausible infraction. Your company would like to contest…

How to Prevail Being Ghosted in the Workplace

June 14, 2019

Maybe they are on vacation. Perhaps the email went to a spam folder. Could the receiver lack communication skills? Or, are they just extremely busy? After weeks of creatively attempting to communicate with someone with no success, you may have to admit that the lack…

It Is Time to Personally Connect With Customers

June 12, 2019

In a world of same-day delivery and instant gratification, customer expectations have increased across industries. Many auto manufacturers fall short when it comes to providing meaningful interactions throughout the customer journey, including through digital channels. How can they connect with consumers on a more human…

Trump’s Effect On Manufacturing This Week

June 10, 2019

The 5% tax on all Mexican goods was due to start today, June 10th, but, Trump reached an agreement with Mexico…for now. This is good news for the automotive industry and all manufacturing for 180 days. In six months Trump will reassess. Unfortunately, this momentary…

Quality May Not Work The Way You Think

June 07, 2019

In the grand scheme of project priorities, quality ranks high. Once we get past the iron triangle of scope, cost and schedule as the priorities that defined project success, quality is right there as a fourth horseman, framing the limits of whatever project apocalypse we…

Congratulations Georgetown, KY Team

June 05, 2019

Ten years ago we had under 30 employees – 5 of which walked into a conference room at a large automotive OEM facility, and simply asked how we could build a company around the needs of their plants. We are delighted to congratulate the team…

Tech Companies Are Changing Auto Consumers’ Expectations

June 03, 2019

With the advent of Everything-as-a-Service culture, people want more than just a hood ornament from the vehicles they use, they want an experience along the way. It is no longer enough to make driving your car as comfortable and luxurious as possible, now instantaneous service,…

U.S. Industries Are Working to Mitigate Risk of China’s Rare Earths Monopoly

May 30, 2019

Beijing’s threat to use its dominance of rare earths in the trade war risks serious disruption to U.S. industry, by starving manufacturers of components commonplace in everything from cars to dishwashers and military equipment. And, it is a stranglehold that might take years to break. China could…

Laser Welding Technique Addresses Process Issues

May 28, 2019

The automotive industry is witnessing a demand in higher standards for passenger safety, vehicle performance and fuel economy. The problem: Advanced high-strength (AHS) steels, commonly used in car body structures to absorb impacts, become brittle and sometimes break due to welding and hot stamping processes….

Consider a Career in STEM

May 23, 2019

A recent National Public Radio segment discussed phasing out two-tiered wages in manufacturing, offering equal pay to employees. Two-tiered wage systems pay newly hired workers less than current employees performing the same or similar jobs. The basic concept is to provide continued higher wage levels for…