Privacy Policy

Sustained Quality (SQ) takes the privacy of its employees, customers and contractors very seriously. In our efforts to protect the privacy of our employees we have a very strict Privacy policy outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Employee agrees during his/her employment and thereafter not to reveal to any person, unless authorized in writing by SQ’s COO or his appointed designee, any confidential information of the Company or the Company’s clients. Employee and SQ agree that confidential information includes, but is not limited to, information in any form whatsoever pertaining to: inventions, designs, discoveries, marketing information, sales strategies, business plans, formula, product plans, and competitive activity; all financial and profit information not required by law to be published; purchasing or cost data; sales data including customer lists, booking reports, sales information, pricing, billing, and other customer-related information; information designated as proprietary by SQ; all social security, billing, or other Company or client account numbers; or any information pertaining to SQ or made available to employee by SQ and identified as confidential or secret.

SQ and employee agree that confidential information shall not include information which the Company or Company’s client has voluntarily disclosed to the public or which otherwise enters the public domain through lawful means other than through employee or sources under his/her control.

Employee agrees if, when, and after employee shall leave the employ of SQ or any reason, employee will not carry away or disclose any confidential or secret information.