Production Support

Adding quality validation at the right point in the process helps prevent waste during process stabilization.

Sustained Quality Associates

All Sustained Quality Associates must clear stringent screening procedures prior to placement at our customers’ location. As with all SQ team members, the SQ Associates must demonstrate the ability to read and interpret work instructions, collect and record accurate information and data, and perform the work required in a safe manner. Under no circumstances should an SQ Associates fail to know what their assignment is, where their work is to be performed, and the tasks that they are to perform.

  • End-of-Line Inspection
    We visually analyze and report on both final manufactured product and/or packaging.
  • Subassembly
    We assemble components that conform to specifications of customer.
  • In-Process Inspection
    We visually analyze during production process to improve productivity, reduce defect rates, and reduce re-work and waste.
  • Inspection Point Management
    We visually analyze and report on production time frame, quantity, sample, calibration or other factors.