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Why And How To Provide Flexible Work In Manufacturing

March 15, 2023

Job seekers in the manufacturing industry are increasingly interested in flexible work. Company support for work-life balance is a top factor impacting where candidates decide to accept job offers. As a result, manufacturing companies must take steps to provide flexible work to stay competitive. Filling…

Three Scientists Created a Rechargeable World, Win Nobel Prize

October 09, 2019

On Wednesday, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work developing lithium-ion batteries. In a complex, electrochemical process, lithium-ion batteries deliver power to many of the devices people use every day. They are in the mobile phone in your pocket, on…

Aviation Looking to Automotive For New Ideas

April 11, 2019

Aerospace companies are frequently teaming with automotive specialists to innovate. Within the last few years, collaboration has grown with the emergence of the urban air mobility (UAM) market. It is becoming increasingly clear that the crossover between the two industries will be necessary for innovation…

Team Collaboration Made Easier

April 03, 2019

Team collaboration typically starts with files accessible to its members. In some instances, an email exchange will do, but when work involves multiple revisions from multiple contributors, things can get confusing. You have to know which revision is the most current, as well as who…

Infotainment Systems Assist Hangry Drivers

March 28, 2019

There seems to be no stopping the progression of technology in automobiles. Your vehicle infotainment system may now offer your favorite restaurant app. Some of the restaurant chains participating are Dominos, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Applebees, TGI Fridays and iHop. People spend an average of 72 minutes…

A Material Revolution is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

January 16, 2019

Materials science may be one of the more important technologies of the next decade. Manufacturers need new materials to create more advanced products. Manufacturers also need to replace materials subject to supply disruptions, like rare earth elements. Traditionally, developing new materials has been a slow,…

The Amazon Effect is Changing Manufacturing

January 14, 2019

The “Amazon Effect” is a term many have heard, but what does it mean? While it can mean different things to different people, in general, it refers to the phenomenon of how consumers’ interactions with Amazon are driving new expectations for how buyers and suppliers…

More Seeking Outside Provider Assistance and Collaboration

January 10, 2019

Today’s opportunities require cooperation across the ecosystem at large. As indicated by Forbes Insights research, transportation-focused executives will not only be looking to hire outside providers for a wider array of services, but they will also be seeking closer collaboration with suppliers, customers and even competitors….

2019 Goals Automotive Industry Should Consider

December 26, 2018

The most important part of the end of year is reflecting on lessons learned and determining what they mean for the year(s) ahead. What should automotive industry consider for 2019? Below are few observations. IT integration and change in corporate culture Manufacturers are recommended to…