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Autonomous Mobile Robots in Manufacturing

October 17, 2018

Autonomous mobile robots are becoming widely accepted in manufacturing. They are getting deployed in a broad range of environments and applications. Production processes have long been automated, but the movement of material has typically been a manual process, a gap in an otherwise automated facility….

Average Age of U.S. Owned Vehicles Continues to Rise

October 15, 2018

The average age of a vehicle driven in America has steadily risen. The latest study reveals that the average is a higher than ever– 10.5 years in 2017 up from 9.3 years in 2009. The study’s findings also unmasks some other interesting facts. First, trucks…

Automotive Industry Criticizes Europe’s CO2 Reduction Target

October 12, 2018

After the US government weakened its target to reduce emissions from new vehicles after pressure from the automotive industry, now it is Europe’s turn to be in a similar situation. Automakers criticized a proposed CO2 emissions reduction target for new cars in Europe, saying the…

Automakers Take on Larger Role in Testing and Simulation

October 08, 2018

Chip and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies are scrambling to deal with stiff safety regulations and harsh environmental conditions for automotive chips, but automakers are making big changes of their own to ensure all those components work together as expected. The result is a significant…

Why Automotive Industry Needs Enterprise Resource Planning

September 28, 2018

Thanks to smartphone integration, one could be checking the latest traffic on an in-dash screen and the next, the car could be forced to stop as the automatic braking system kicks in. Such upgrades are doing much more than making lives safer, more convenient, and…

Active Safety System Names Differ By Manufacturer

September 24, 2018

Active safety features are quickly propagating across the automotive world, with advanced driver assistance available on everything from compact economy cars to tech-forward luxury flagships. But as more and more of these systems hit the market, the alphabet soup of acronyms and confusing nomenclature can…

Soybeans for Cars?

September 21, 2018

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump next week in New York, a spokesman for Japan’s government said Friday. Their trade negotiators will also hold a fresh round of talks. The meeting will be on the sidelines of the 73rd…

Visit SQ Group in Georgia

September 19, 2018

The Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) is October 3-5 at Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta and the Sustained Quality Group will be there to greet you at booth 717. The event will provide networking opportunities, world-class speakers and breakout sessions designed to fuel careers and drive…

How Data Serves as Input for Automotive Design

September 06, 2018

When automakers think about customer data, they usually focus on how it helps them market and sell a car – what features are most in demand or purchasing and pricing trends. Yet, as cars become increasingly crammed with sensors and digital devices that can collect…

World’s First Autonomous Taxi on Roads

August 27, 2018

It is history in the making, the world’s first autonomous taxi will be operating in central Tokyo today, August 27, 2018. Although other autonomous taxis are on the roads, this is the first with paying customers. The vehicle, developed by Tokyo-based robot maker ZMP and…