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How Would A Recession Affect The Automotive Industry?

February 20, 2023

We can make some general observations about how a recession in 2023 could affect the automotive industry such as, a decline in new car sales, an increase in used car sales, reduction in financing options, potential supply chain disruptions, as well as the possibility of…

Unlocking Barriers to Successful Cross-Functional Collaboration

September 09, 2019

Large businesses are inherently complex. As a business grows, interconnected relationships grow. Therefore cross-functional collaboration skills are beneficial. Cross-functional collaboration can open doors to opportunities for companies to do their best possible work and grow from mediocre to exceptional. Constant communication, clear delegation of responsibilities…

Embrace Change – Control the Beast

August 29, 2019

One small change leads to another. Then another. And another. All of the sudden your project is a beast, yet the budget remained the same. Uncontrolled or unauthorized change can become what is known as scope creep. The result can be a failed project or worse…

Working for the Employee, Creating Success

August 19, 2019

Unfortunately, gone are the days that the majority of employees stay with a company for decades. All the perks and benefits in the world will not keep retention levels high. It takes leadership appreciating staff. Employees respect and follow servant leadership. Companies should work for…

Reduce the Risk of Making the Same Mistakes

July 08, 2019

Granted there are positive and negative risks, but, repeating poor business decisions an organization has made is a costly risk. Making informed decisions will better your company’s bottom line and your career. A technique and best practice to make informed business decisions is to develop “lessons…

How to Prevail Being Ghosted in the Workplace

June 14, 2019

Maybe they are on vacation. Perhaps the email went to a spam folder. Could the receiver lack communication skills? Or, are they just extremely busy? After weeks of creatively attempting to communicate with someone with no success, you may have to admit that the lack…

Engagement in Your Project to Facilitate Success

May 09, 2019

Projects benefit from engagement and interest. That seems like a simple concept, but, maintaining interest and changing attitudes can require skill. Not everyone on your project will have high levels of interest and influence. Believe it or not, that could be a good thing. If…

Techniques to Foster Collaboration

May 02, 2019

Team management is an iterative process. Strategies for effective teamwork should be reviewed regularly. Environments change. People change. Most leaders will agree that a company’s success may depend on how well it can nurture their employees’ abilities and willingness to share their knowledge or expert judgement….