Managing Quality Throughout The Project Duration

May 15, 2023

Managing quality throughout a project’s duration involves outlining a series of actions to ensure the outcomes meet the requirements. The project manager establishes quality assurance methods for their team to follow. For instance, the project manager may require each team member to submit a weekly progress report for review. Participation in this activity throughout the project helps the team adapt to the requirements and attain the desired outcomes.

Discover the benefits of managing quality throughout a project’s duration and the types of quality to focus on.

Benefits of Managing Project Quality

Managing quality throughout a project provides a range of benefits:


Understanding the requirements to produce quality deliverables helps team members complete tasks in a timely manner.

Team Morale

If team members understand the quality standards for each project phase, they will be motivated to attain the expected outcomes, leading to increased morale.

Customer satisfaction

Delivering project outcomes without errors increases satisfaction when the product reaches the market.

Ongoing improvements

Continuously managing project quality facilitates improvements to the processes to reach quality standards.

Types of Project Quality

Project Managers vary the type of quality managed throughout a project depending on the project goals, company, and industry. These types of quality are the most common:

Statistical process control

  • Statistical methods are used to develop quality standards.
  • The project manager collects and analyzes data to determine the set of processes required to attain the desired outcomes.
  • The project manager monitors progress by comparing the outcomes with data.

Failure testing

  • Team members test product components to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • Teams conduct different scenarios to evaluate product quality.

Total quality management

  • Project Managers use quantitative methods to detect and eliminate errors for improved outputs.
  • Each team member trains to meet the standards for the quality of the project outcomes.
  • The project manager uses key performance indicators or other data for team member accountability.

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