Celebrating NASA and Apollo 11’s Moon Landing 50th Anniversary

July 17, 2019

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 landing on the moon, a giant leap for mankind, the first spacecraft that landed on the moon. The spaceflight experienced an altitude of 118.65 miles; 32.521 degrees; 30 revolutions; eight days, three hours, 18 min, 35 seconds duration and 953,054 miles traveled.

Aerospace has come a long way and has much to celebrate from the crews down to the women that hand stitched the Apollo space suites.

Apollo was the NASA program that resulted in American astronauts’ making a total of 11 spaceflights and walking on the moon. The first four flights tested the equipment used in the Apollo Program. Six of the other seven flights landed on the moon. The last moon landing was in 1972.

A total of 12 astronauts walked on the moon. The astronauts studied the lunar surface and collected moon rocks to bring back to Earth.

NASA’s success is not by chance. NASA is a project organization that believes significant improvements can be gained through a focus on the capture and flow of project knowledge in terms of organizational, individual, and team project factors.

What is fascinating about NASA’s approach to project knowledge is that they share this captured data with the public, educators, students, media…EVERYONE. The NASA Public Lessons Learned System does not share sensitive data detail, that information is for internal use only in the NASA Engineering Network.

As with any great leader, NASA shares knowledge for the future good, future leaders. Sustained Quality Group applauds NASA for its lifelong achievements and inspiring advancements for tomorrow.

Throughout the nation there are ongoing events this Summer and running up until the end of January 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of taking the first steps on the moon. Click here to start planning your celebration events.

The Apollo missions:

Apollo Flight 7
Date: Oct. 11-22, 1968
Mission: Tested the Command Module
Crew: Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham

Apollo Flight 8
Date: Dec. 21-27, 1968
Mission: First to orbit the moon
Crew: Borman, Lovell, Anders

Apollo Flight 9
Date: March 3-13, 1969
Mission: Tested the Lunar Module
Crew: McDivitt, Scott, Schweickart

Apollo Flight 10
Date: May 18-26, 1969
Mission: Tested the Lunar Module around the moon
Crew: Cernan, Young, Stafford

Apollo Flight 11
Date: July 16-24, 1969
Mission: First to land on the moon
Crew: Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins

Apollo Flight 12
Date: Nov. 14-24, 1969
Mission: Landed on the moon
Crew: Conrad, Bean, Gordon

Apollo Flight 13
Date: April 11-17, 1970
Mission: Was supposed to land on the moon but had a malfunction
Crew: Lovell, Swigert, Haise

Apollo Flight 14
Date: Jan. 31-Feb. 9, 1971
Mission: Landed on the moon
Crew: Shepard, Mitchell, Roosa

Apollo Flight 15
Date: July 26-Aug. 7, 1971
Mission: Landed on the moon
Crew: Scott, Irwin, Worden

Apollo Flight 16
Date: April 16-27, 1972
Mission: Landed on the moon
Crew: Young, Duke, Mattingly

Apollo Flight 17
Date: Dec. 7-19, 1972
Mission: Landed on the moon
Crew: Cernan, Schmitt, Evans